5/22/22                                                                               Rentz



The Power of a Single Generation

II Kings 22-23


Repentance Yields Sincere Reformation

II Kings 23:1-25


Introduction—Josiah had responded in his heart properly to the Word of God when he had heard it.  It’s one thing to be moved emotionally in a worship experience, but more is needed if it will be a life-changing experience.  Can you remember a time when Scripture moved your emotions?  More importantly, can you remember a time when Scripture prompted you into life changing actions?  We need a fresh experience with God that will not only lead us to repentance, but also to Godly reformation.


I. God’s Word Is Exalted (1-2)

                A. A true Bible must be shared (Jer.20:9)

                B. A true Bible is to be shared with all (Mk.16:15)

                C. A true Bible must not be hidden—the folly of the

                    Middle Ages


II. God’s Word Is Endorsed (3)

                A. Reformation begins with leaders—“Everything

                    rises or falls with leadership”- Dr. Lee Roberson

                B. Reformation requires commitment (Eccl.9:10)

                                1. We must not be slothful when the need

                                    around us is great

                                2. Our opportunity to make a difference is

                                    limited—“work for the night is coming


                C. Reformation produces a new respect for right


III. God’s Word Is Enforced (4-20)

                A. Reformation demands cleansing from the false


                B. Reformation demands cleansing from the vile

                                1. It is an affront to a holy God when the

                                    vile is celebrated (Rev.16:8-11)

                                2. “Wokeness” is an insult to God

                C. Reformation honors those who have been faithful

                    in the past (17-18)


IV. God’s Word Is Established (21-25)

                A. Wrong is condemned and right is established—the

                    land had been cleansed, and they returned to

                    serving God

                B. Separation from falsehood is practiced (Ps.1:1-3)

                C. How will we be remembered? (25)

                                1. Are we living to satisfy our own


                                2. Are we living with no thought for the


                                3. Are we seizing our opportunity to make a

                                    difference for the Lord?

                                    (Illus.—“The Bridge Builder”

                                    Will Allen Dromgoogle)


Conclusion—Josiah was a remarkable king who served God in a time that many considered hopeless.  Yet, in his days God blessed and gave the nation a period of grace.  Josiah made a difference because he was willing to put his beliefs into action.  Too often we talk right, but it fails to manifest into our lives.  It’s time for us to seize our opportunity for Jesus!