8/9/20                                                                                 Rentz



We Need Some Good News!

Ephesians 1:9-23


Introduction—Recent months have been filled with anxiety and anger.  A very common word used by many of the commentators of the time is “unprecedented”.  This carries the idea that we are seeing things unlike anything that have happened before, but this is a false notion.  We are in treacherous times, but if we look to God and the Bible there is some good news.  Praise the Lord for His promises, let’s relish them today!


I. The Chaos Will Cease (9-10)

                A. God has a purpose for His good pleasure

                    (I Tim.1:12-16)

                B. There is a time limit for the current chaos—“This

                    too shall pass!”

                C. All will be gathered together in Christ

                                1. To us it seems like an unsolvable puzzle

                                2. God, in His time, will put all of the pieces



II. Our Comfort Is Secure (11-14)

                A. We have a secure inheritance (Heb.6:13)

                B. Our future will be surrounded by God’s praise

                C. The seal of the Holy Spirit guarantees the

                    promises of God (I Thess.1:5)


III. Our Calling Is Steadfast (15-18)

                A. True faith leads to action—faith without action is

                    at best wishful thinking

                B. God enlightens us for a purpose (I Cor.9:16-18)

                C. Our hope is a treasure to be shared

                                1. Our hope is spiritual not political

                                2. We are mere beggars telling other beggars

                                    where to find bread


IV. Our Climax Holds Splendor (19-23)

                A. Our Savior is all-powerful—omnipotent

                B. Our Savior Reigns—Regardless of the lies of

                    Satan and his agents, God still reigns

                C. All that Christ is shall be our eternity



Conclusion—Our hope is not in politics.  Our hope is not in a booming economy.  Our hope is not even in good health.  Praise the Lord, we have good news in Jesus!  The future is as bright as the promises of God.  The future is as joyful as the praise around the Throne.  The Good News to be believed and shared is the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus.  That’s the message of hope for us all!

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