8/14/22                                                                               Rentz



Don’t Sail on the “Good Ship Lollypop”

I Kings 10:21-23


Introduction—Last week Sandy and I were enjoying a cruise.  It was a wonderful experience, but it was not logical to think that our life on board could be permanent.  The one time that “reality” invaded our experience was when our ship took part in a rescue operation helping some Cuban refugees.  Unfortunately, many of us are trying to live our spiritual life as if we are merely on a cruise rather than being on a battleship striving for right and the souls of men.


I. We Do Not Exist for Mere Pleasure

                A. A life of ease and pleasure led Solomon to sinful

                    compromise (Neh.13:26)

                B. A life of unrestrained pleasure lulls into false

                    security (II Pet.3:3-7)

                C. Personal pleasure can make us insensitive to the

                    needs of others


II. We Do Not Exist for Entertainment

                A. Remember, entertainment is not real life—Robin

                    Williams is an example of someone who could

                    entertain the masses but struggled with hidden


                B. Entertainment is self-focused rather than


                C. Entertainment can lead us to being insubordinate

                    to Godly leadership (Ex.32:1-7)

                                1. The people sought gods of convenience

                                2. As the people “rose up to play” they were

                                    corrupted (6-7)


III. We Do Exist for a Godly Purpose

                A. We are to “fight the good fight of faith”—

                    we are on a battleship and all hands are needed on

                    deck (I Tim.6:12-14)

                B. Remember those that are following your example

                    (I Cor.16:13)—“Quit”= behave mature

                C. Our duty in this life is to please God (Eccl.12:13)


IV. We Do Exist to Make a Difference

                A. We are to make a difference in the lives of others

                    (II Tim.2:1-5)

                                1. “Strong in grace”—be ready to throw out

                                    the lifeline

                                2. Pass on truth faithfully

                                3. Endure hardness

                B. Someone may simply be waiting for someone to

                    show they care (Jude 22-23)

                C. We can’t make a difference in others unless God

                    has made a difference in us


Conclusion—As much as I see the recent events in politics as despicable, I see the greatest struggle in the spiritual realm.  We are engaged in a war against spiritual darkness in high places.  We must not shirk our duty to be sold out to the cause of Christ.  We must not be AWOL when the souls of people are in danger of being eternally lost.  It's mandatory for us to pledge our loyalty to Jesus and follow Him into the spiritual battle.