7/12/20                                                                               Rentz



Is Change Even Possible?

Ecclesiastes 1:3-11


Introduction—Jean Baptiste Alphose Karr coined the phrase “The more things change, the more they remain the same.”  As you read the Book of Ecclesiastes, you can almost see that Solomon had the same outlook on life in general.  Unless we use care, we can become hopeless and fatalistic in our outlook on life.  We seem to be caught in a hopeless cycle of repeating the same mistakes generation after generation.  Is change even possible?  I believe the Bible has our answers!


I. Change Is Not Possible Through Our Labors (3-7)

                A. Since the Garden of Eden, our labors are flawed

                    because of our sin (Gen.3:17-19)

                B. The motivation for our labors is often selfish—

                    Capitalism has a selfish element, but Socialism

                    puts selfishness in the hands of the “elite”

                C. Our labors can never change the work of God in

                    creation—“We cannot change day and night, the

                    seasons, or the location of flow of mighty rivers”


II. Change Is Not Possible Through Our Intellect (8-9)

                A. Mere study and education is a never-ending

                    process (Eccl.12:12-13)

                B. “Education that only impacts the mind of fallen

                    man only makes a more devious tool of Satan”

                C. Fleshly reasoning only perpetuates the same failed

                    and fallen concepts


III. Is Change Even Possible? (10-11)

                A. In the flesh, our best is reformation

                                1. AA, NA, etc. have helped many overcome

                                    addictions, but they fail to fully address

                                    man’s need for a personal relationship

                                    with God

                                2. John Calvin, a leader of the “Protestant

                                    Reformation” became known as the

                                    “Pope of Geneva”

                                3. Without the help of God, change is

                                    impossible (Jer.13:23)

                B. We need more than reformation, we need

                    transformation—Saul the persecutor became Paul

                    the Apostle

                C. Transformation requires regeneration

                    (I Pet.1:22-23)


Conclusion—Our nation is in desperate need of change!  We will never see the change we need by defunding the Police, surrendering to our enemies, erasing our history, passing new laws, or abandoning our foundations.  Change that is good can only come through a work of God.  That work of God must begin in the hearts of each of us as individuals.  Have you been transformed and regenerated by the power of God?  Turn to Jesus without delay!

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