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Serve God Without Fear!

Luke 13:31-33


Introduction—This is a time when great pressure is being placed on anyone that desires to do anything that does not conform to the world and its power structure.  The chaos in the streets today is not only political but spiritual battles.  The desire for the government to control our desire to corporately worship is not just political but it’s also a spiritual battle.  Jesus gave us an example that is worthy to follow.  It’s time for God’s people to be bold in their stand for God!


I. We Are Facing a Conspiracy of Fear

                A. “Herod will kill Thee”

                                1. This is the same Herod that executed John

                                    the Baptist (Mk.6:20-27)

                                2. When we fall into fear, we are showing

                                    weakness (Ex.- Nehemiah Neh.6:1-3)

                B. Fear has always been a weapon used by the

                    enemies of the Gospel (Acts 5:27-33)

                                1. Too many of us are paralyzed by fear

                                2. There is a right way for us to face our

                                    fears (Ps.56:1-3)


II. We Must Have Confidence in Our Calling

                A. Our actions for God are to be bold

                                1. “Go ye, and tell that fox”

                                2. Our work is not done in a corner

                                    (Acts 26:26-29)

                B. Our calling is more precious than the preservation

                    of life, comfort, or popularity (Acts 20:24)

                                1. We stand in opposition to Satan

                                2. We offer healing like none other


III. We Should Hold to a Commitment to End Well

                A. We have a purpose to accomplish

                                1. We have a walk to walk both today and


                                2. We have a time to operate within for

                                    God’s glory (Est.4:13-14)

                B. Our earthly journey will come to an end

                                1. To avoid regrets, make certain we are on

                                    the right path

                                2. Jesus anticipated being perfected on the

                                    third day (His resurrection)—We look

                                    forward to the glory that awaits us with

                                    Christ (I Cor.2:9)


Conclusion—Fear is a natural emotion for us as human beings, but God gives us a reason to have confidence.  When we trust Christ as Savior, the Holy Spirit comes to dwell within us.  His presence gives us confidence in the truths of God’s Word and the courage to serve God.  Trust Jesus as Savior and then you can trust Him as your Commander-in-Chief.

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