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Our Time Is Coming!

John 16:31-33


Introduction—The Cross was an imminent reality.  Jesus knew exactly what was ahead, but the Disciples were largely unaware of what they all faced.  Jesus was preparing them for the challenges that they would soon face.  Although this text is not directed to us, there are many similarities for us in these latter days.  Unless Jesus returns very soon, we will face some challenging times.  Praise the Lord that He gives us some promises and words of assurance as we live for Him.


I. We May Be Tried and Scattered

                A. The Garden of Gethsemane was a temporary

                    failure for the Disciples

                B. Jesus promised that the world will hate those who

                    follow Him (Jn.15:17-20)

                C. The trials we face will reveal the sincerity of our

                    faith (Job 23:10)


II. Our Faith May Be Nearly Shattered

                A. In the Garden, only an angel ministered to Jesus


                B. Satan will try to use circumstances to shatter our

                    faith (I Thess.3:2-5)

                C. Our doubt and failure can never affect the God’s



III. The Lord’s Presence Is Ever Steadfast

                A. The Disciples abandoned Jesus in the Garden but

                    He never abandoned them

                B. We are often fickle, but Jesus is always steadfast

                C. God left us here for a purpose and He is faithful to

                    us (Matt.28:19-20)


IV. Peace Through Faith Is Secured

                A. God’s Word is the source of our faith

                    (II Pet.1:3-4)

                B. We can even enjoy peace in the midst of

                    tribulation (II Cor.7:4-7)

                C. We should be cheered by the victory of Jesus

                                1. Sin could not stain Him

                                2. Death could not hold Him

                                3. Nothing can separate the believer from



Conclusion—Many times Bible preachers will sound like prophets of doom.  It is true that Jesus promises opposition, tribulation, and hardship.  Although what awaits us far surpasses anything we could experience on this earth.  For the believer, our struggles are only temporary.  For the unbeliever, the struggles have just begun.  Put your faith in Jesus without delay!

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