5/9/21                                                                                 Rentz



Fierce Love

Song of Solomon 8:5-7


Introduction—Mother’s Day is always a special day to me.  God has blessed my life with a number of special women that have helped to form me into the person that I am today.  One trait that they all have exhibited is a love that was so dedicated that it could be seen as fierce.  This is not to be seen in a negative way, but in a passionate and undeterred way.  May God help us to harbor in our heart a love that is fierce.


I. Fierce Love Is Undivided (5)

                A. She leans upon her parents

                                1. The greatest teacher of true love begins in

                                    the home

                                2. We must use care to show love as a way

                                    of life (Ex.2:1-10)—love enough to

                                    release to the care of God

                B. She leans upon her spouse—her spouse quickly

                    learns to lean upon her (Prov.31:10-11)

                C. She leans upon her God—her faith is a reality

                    (II Tim.1:5)


II. Fierce Love Is Unbroken (6)

                A. A seal upon the heart—willing to bear the

                    punishment of loved ones (Gen.27:13)

                B. A seal upon the arm—true love will drive us into

                    danger and potential harm for those we love


                C. A seal that transcends death

                                1. We pray for our loved ones as long as we


                                2. Even at the moment of death, our heart

                                    cry will be for those that we love


III. Fierce Love Is Unquenchable (7)

                A. Many waters cannot quench love—difficult

                    circumstances and even the storms of life will not

                    cause true love to cease

                B. The floods cannot wash love away

                                1. Every life will face things that threaten to

                                    overcome us

                                2. What we love will drive our decisions

                                    (I Kings 3:23-27)

                C. Nothing has greater value than true love

                    (I Cor.13:8-13)


Conclusion—Mothers are perhaps the best earthly representations of fierce love.  The very best example of love is Jesus Himself.  He was willing to leave the glory of His Heavenly throne to come to the earth and die for us.  The most foolish thing we could ever do would be to reject His unconditional love.  When we experience His love, we become able to love others as God loves them.