12/5/21                                                                               Rentz



Esther—Character under Pressure

Esther 4:14-16


When God’s People Stand

Esther 5:1-14


Introduction—In this chapter the plot begins to thicken and the path for either victory or defeat will begin.  As followers of Jesus, we must realize that we have no other proper option apart from standing for Christ and right.  If God’s people are not willing to stand, then who will champion the cause of righteousness?  Let’s see the courage of Esther and allow her to be an inspiration to us all.  Be certain that you have a faith that is good to die by and also to live by!


I. The Power of Three Days (1)

                A. Three days earlier Esther had called her people to

                    prayer and fasting

                B. There is power in waiting upon God (Is.40:31)

                                1. We gain new strength

                                2. We get a better perspective

                                3. We acquire new energy

                                4. Our determination is deepened

                C. Three days will prepare us for what lies ahead

                    (Ex.-Jonah, Jesus, Esther, etc.)


II. When Purpose Overcomes Fear (1-4)

                A. Esther dressed in her royal apparel and stood in

                    the place of life or death

                B. God does not call us to be successful, but He does

                    call us to be faithful (I Cor.16:13)

                                1. The world’s view of success is different

                                    than God’s view of success

                                2. We stand for the approval of our

                                    Heavenly master (Rom.14:4)

                C. Esther stepped forward and proceeded with her

                    plan to save her people

III. A Prescription for Victory (5-8)

                A. Esther refused personal fame and fortune for a

                    higher cause (Acts 20:24)

                B. We must have our enemy in our sight and be

                    aware of his actions (II Cor.2:11)

                C. We must plan our next steps wisely (Matt.10:16)


IV. The Pride of a Defeated Foe (9-14)

                A. Haman concluded that he had a bright and

                    powerful future

                B. His pride intensified his hatred for Mordecai and

                    also intensified his ego

                A. Satan is already defeated in the providence of

                    God, but he will fight to the end (Rev.20:7-10)


Conclusion—Is the faith you profess strong enough to enable you to stand when the situation is difficult?  Is your faith strong enough to impact the way you live each day?  Is your faith strong enough to give you confidence when the time of death draws near?  Is your faith based upon Jesus and His finished work?  If your faith is based on anything other than Jesus, it’s built upon shifting sands.