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9/24/23                                                                               Rentz



Search Me and Know Me

Psalms 139:23-24


Introduction—The fiercest battle that rages is the one within our minds.  Scripture tells us that our actions are imagined and prompted from within our thoughts.  It is crucial for us to constantly strive for a sanctified mind.  Unfortunately, we still struggle with our flesh and our old nature still desires to rebel against God.  Our victory is secured by the power of the Holy Spirit, but we must trust and cling to the Lord and His Word!


I. A Cry for Help

                A. We need help because we have hearts that produce

                    much wickedness (Matt.15:18-19)

                B. When we cry out to the Lord, we recognize that

                    the help of man is vain (Ps.60:11)

                                1. We can sympathize and even empathize

                                    with others—you may have the spiritual

                                    gift of mercy or help

                                2. There are some needs that God alone can

                                    resolve (Ps.73:25)

                C. When we are ready to see ourselves as God sees

                    us, we are ready for God to truly help us


II. A Cry for Healing

                A. True healing requires the surgical precision that

                    comes from the Word of God (Heb.4:12)

                                1. What we see as good in us, God may see

                                    it as destructive

                                2. God must have the liberty to remove

                                    anything He pleases and replace it with

                                    His purpose

                B. True healing requires a radical act of God


                C. True healing will evade us until we come to the

                    end of ourselves and trust God completely


III. A Cry for Hope

                A. When our works are truly committed, our thoughts

                    are established (Prov.16:3)

                B. We are kept by the mighty power of our mighty

                    Savior (I Pet.1:5)

                C. Through God, we shall do valiantly (Ps.60:12)

                                1. We can be valiant because Jesus is with


                                2. We can be valiant because Jesus already

                                    knows the future

                                3. We can be valiant because our victory is

                                    based upon God’s character and promise


Conclusion—I would challenge each of us to use this text as a personal prayer.  We generally have as much of the power of God in our lives as we truly desire.  We generally walk with God as much as we are willing to.  Today is a good time to desire the heart cry of the Psalmist.   Search me!  Know me!  Try me! Lead me!  Oh God, make it so!

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