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3/3/24                                                                                 Rentz



The Danger of Departed Love

Revelation 2:1-7


Introduction—The message of Jesus to the seven churches is a testimonial of the struggles in the hearts of believers over the age until Jesus returns.  The message to the Church of Ephesus is one that we need to heed carefully.  They did many things right, but they had begun to fail in their relationship with Jesus.  We need more than mere determination in our Christian life.  We need a passion that will carry us forward as we serve the Lord Jesus.


I. Don’t Settle for Substitutes

                A. Jacob illustrates love that is willing to pay the

                    price for true love

                                1. Jacob dwelt with Laban and was in love

                                    with Rachel (Gen.29:16-20)

                                2. The deception of Laban did not remove

                                    the love of Jacob for Rachel


                                3. Jacob agreed to seven more years of labor

                                    for Rachel

                B. The Church at Ephesus was actively involved

                    doing Godly things, but their love was missing—

                    duty is commendable, but keep our love for Jesus


                C. When iniquity abounds, love cools

                    (Matt.24:12)—we must stay on guard against sin

                    in our lives


II. Don’t Confuse with Sacrifices

                A. There is no substitute for true devotion


                B. Our love abounds as we grow in knowledge and

                    judgment (Phil.1:9-10)

                                1. We must continue as students of the Word

                                2. Our judgment is impacted as we follow


                C. No matter how much we sacrifice for Jesus, His

                    sacrifice for us exceeds our efforts


III. Keep Our Passion Sanctified

                A. A sanctified passion for Jesus remains singular

                    and focused

                B. Our love must maintain its early freshness


                                1. Love should never grow stale, but

                                    deepens  over the passing of time

                                2. We need to live with a readiness to

                                    confess and repent when we stray

                                3. Has there ever been a time when you were

                                    closer to God than now?—that indicates

                                    our need to refocus

                C. Our constant passion must be “that I may know

                    Him” (Phil.3:10)

                                1. Our eternal destination hinges upon our

                                    relationship with Jesus

                                2. Our joy and effectiveness hinges upon our

                                    deepening relationship with Jesus


Conclusion—Unfortunately, many are content to know things about Jesus without truly getting close to Jesus in their life.  If we merely do spiritual things out of duty, we may well grow weary in our labors.  If we cultivate our love for Jesus, we will never lose our desire to please Him in all we do.  Don’t let your love for Jesus become a thing of the past.

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