6/6/21                                                                                 Rentz



Why Does the Holy Spirit Tarry?

Acts 2:1-21


Introduction—Many years ago I heard Vance Havner say “We Baptists are many, but not much!”  That may sound a bit harsh, but are we fulfilling all that God desires for us.  Jesus has sent the Holy Spirit to be our Comforter, Encourager, and Empowerment.  Sadly many of us lead spiritually defeated lives.  Why doesn’t the Holy Spirit intervene in our lives?  I believe the Bible has some answers.


I. There Is Often a Lack of Unity (1-4)

                A. The followers of Jesus were gathered in the Upper

                    Room in obedience to the instruction of Jesus

                    (Acts 1:4-5, 12-14)

                B. If God is to use us; we must be in agreement under

                    the Lordship of Christ (Amos 3:3)

                C. The power of the Holy Spirit is enhanced through

                    unity and hindered by disunity—disunity is almost

                    always a product of pride


II. There Is Often a Lack of Understanding (5-15)

                A. Too many are ignorant of the availability of the

                    Holy Spirit in our lives (Acts 19:1-6)—“tongues”

                    were languages given to share the Gospel

                B. The Holy Spirit is sent by Jesus to comfort us,

                    instruct us, and empower us

                C. When we understand and appropriate the Holy

                    Spirit, we are enabled for our duty (Acts 4:29-31)


III. There Is Often a Lack of Urgency (16-20)

                A. We are so focused upon our desires that we

                    quench the Holy Spirit (I Thess.5:19)

                B. We make excuses for our personal sins and grieve

                    the Holy Spirit (Eph.4:29-32)

                C. Many believers have lived so long without the

                    power of the Holy Spirit that it’s considered



IV. There Is Often a Lack of Unction (21)

                A. We need to draw close to Jesus and He will anoint

                    us for His glory (Ps.23:5)

                B. We must use the unction that the Holy Spirit

                    provides (I Jn.2:18-20)—“unction”= anointing

                C. The pathway to having the power of the Holy

                    Spirit begins with faith in Jesus and is developed

                    as we follow Him with devotion


Conclusion—Is the Holy Spirit a stranger to you?  If so, begin by examining whether or not you truly know Christ as Savior.  Perhaps we have quenched or grieved the Holy Spirit for too long, and it’s time for us to humble ourselves and plead for restoration in our lives.  If we are content to live without the power of the Holy Spirit, God will allow it.