1/26/20                                                                               Rentz



God’s People Are Singing People!

II Samuel 22:47-51


Introduction—If I am honest, there are times when singing is the last thing I feel like doing.  Yet, if we look carefully at God’s Word, and we assess how God has worked in our lives then we are compelled to sing praise to God regardless of our feelings.  Why can we sing?  How can we sing?  Let’s see God’s truth and respond with praises and song to our wonderful God and Savior!


I. The LORD Lives, Therefore I can sing (47)

                A. If we only honored the memory of a dead

                    deliverer, we would only bemoan what could have


                B. Jesus is alive! (Acts 1:1-3)—He was seen by over

                    500 at one time

                C. He is alive, therefore praise is right (Ps.33:1-3)


II. He Is My Rock; Therefore I Can Sing (47)

                A. The wisdom and passions of the world is built

                    upon unstable shifting foundations

                    (II Pet.2:12-14)

                B. When we are surrounded by chaos,

                    disappointment, heartache, and opposition, we can

                    run to the Rock! (Ps.61:2-3)

                C. Our Rock does wondrous works!

                    (I Chron.16:9-11)


III. He Avenges, Therefore I Can Sing (48-49)

                A. We are to fight the good fight, but the outcome is

                    beyond our ability (II Tim.4:7-8)

                B. Our calling is to be faithful in the battle, not to

                    dictate the battle

                C. There will be times when we simply stand aside

                    and watch God fight for us

                    (II Chron.20:17-18, 21-24)


IV. He Is My Tower among the Heathen, Therefore I Can Sing


                A. Regardless of skepticism, criticism, and

                    opposition, Jesus rises as our High Tower

                B. Through the fog and smoke of battle, Jesus rises as

                    our High Tower

                C. Even at midnight, we can sing to our High Tower

                    (Acts 16:23-25)

                                1. Others are watching us and listening to us

                                2. We will influence hearts more from our

                                    songs that from our complaints

                                3. The Philippian jailor and his household

                                    trusted Christ as Savior and the Church at

                                    Philippi was born


Conclusion—Have you lost your song of praise?  Have you forgotten why you ought to be singing?  Regardless of your situation, God is still good and He still reigns!  If we want to impact our world for Christ, we must maintain or regain our song for the Lord.

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