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Peering into the Future—Part Four

II Peter 3:9-15


The Tribulation Part Two—Blasphemy and Bloodshed


Introduction—The Tribulation is going to be one of the most horrible times in human history.  A literal interpretation of Scripture should warn us of these coming days, and it should drive us all to make certain that our faith in Christ is sincere.  Remember, prophecy in the Bible is merely history that is pre-written by God.  Let’s allow the Holy Spirit to speak to our hearts and warn us of these coming days that many alive today may face.


I. The Bloodshed of War (Rev.6:3-4)

                A. The Battle of Gog and Magog (Ezek.38-39)

                                1. It will occur early in the Tribulation when

                                   Russia leads a confederacy against Israel

                                2. God will repel their attack and defeat

                                    them (Ezek.39:1-5)

                B. The war upon the Jews

                                1. The 144,000 Jewish evangelists and the

                                    Two Witnesses will be hated by the

                                    kingdom of the Antichrist

                                2. Antichrist will desire to exterminate

                                    Israel, but God will protect a remnant


                C. The Battle of Armageddon

                                1. The nations will be gathered around

                                    Jerusalem at the end of the Tribulation

                                2. They will attempt to fight against Christ

                                    as He returns, but Jesus will be victorious



II. The Bloodshed of Judgment (Rev.6:12-17)

                A. The environment will be judged—much of what

                    Egypt endured will be magnified during this time

                B. The kingdom of the Antichrist will be judged


                C. God will judge religion and commerce



III. The Bloodshed of Persecution

                A. All will be compelled to receive the “Mark of the

                    Beast” for commerce (Rev.13:16-18)

                B. All will be compelled to worship Antichrist or die


                C. All that represents God will be under attack



IV. The Blasphemy of Hardened Hearts

                A. Many will choose Antichrist over Christ—The

                    result of delusion and convenience of the moment

                B. Many will have hardened hearts and blaspheme

                    rather than repent (Rev.16)

                C. Today is our moment that we must not harden our

                    hearts (Heb.4:7)


Conclusion—We see the tragic events of the future in this brief summary of the horrors of the coming Tribulation.  We cannot change what the future holds, but we can make certain that we are ready when Jesus comes for His Bride.  Trust Jesus without delay!