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Rentz                                                                               7/14/24                                                                              


Running on Empty

II Corinthians 12:7-9


Introduction—Over the past few weeks I have spent a lot of time reflecting on the demands and the schedules that we all face in our lives.  Some of us may face greater challenges than others, but all of us at times feel as if we have greater demands than is humanly possible.  Sometimes simply taking a break is not a reasonable suggestion.  What do we do when we feel we are running on empty?  Does God give us any hope from His Word?


I. Satan Is Our Constant Adversary

                A. Satan knows our weaknesses even better than we

                    acknowledge our weaknesses—Paul had his thorn

                    in the flesh and we have ours

                B. God will empower us in our weakness


                                1. Moses spent 40 years thinking he was


                                2. Moses spent the next 40 years realizing he

                                    was a nobody

                                3. Moses spent his last 40 years trusting God

                                    to make him God’s somebody

                C. God empowers us when we look to Him in faith



II. God’s Grace Is Our Adequacy

                A. God’s grace insures that no labor is too great

                    (I Cor.15:10)

                B. God’s grace insures that no temptation is too

                    strong (I Cor.10:13)

                C. God’s grace insures that no path is too hard



III. The Power of Christ Is Our Abundance

                A. Jesus promised believers the constant presence of

                    the Holy Spirit as our Comforter (Jn.14:15-17)

                B. The Holy Spirit gives might to the inner man


                C. When we reach the end of our ability, we can still

                    be strong by the grace and power of God

                    (II Cor.12:10)


Conclusion—We are part of a generation that is involved with much activity, but we often fail to accomplish things that are truly important.  If we simply try to perform in our own strength, we are doomed to failure.  If we try to live life without a personal relationship with Jesus, our life is empty and pointless.  Make certain that your faith is in the finished work of Christ.  Make certain that you are relying upon Him for the strength to live a life that really matters.

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