4/5/20                                                                                 Rentz



Living Dangerously

Luke 22:61-71


Introduction—One thing that the current COVID-19 crisis has underscored is that life is dangerous.  If the Lord Jesus, who never committed any sin, faced danger in His life, then we should expect our share of danger.  A good portion of the danger we face is caused by our own actions, but there is much that we will face whether we are prepared for it or we are surprised by it.  For those of us who are following Jesus by faith, we have hope that the danger we face is temporary and our best days are ahead of us.


I. Faithfulness Requires Dangerous Living

                A. Jesus knew the danger ahead (Lk.9:49-51)

                                1. Too often we major on the minors

                                2. Jesus had a purpose to fulfill and so do we

                B. Jesus pressed on, even though He knew all that

                    was ahead

                C. In spite of the challenges ahead, Jesus will never

                    forsake us (Heb.13:5-6)


II. Failure Is a Regular Possibility

                A. Peter was forced to see his own weakness and


                                1. He moved from being boastful to being


                                2. “It’s easy to talk bravely, it’s a challenge

                                    to walk bravely”

                B. We are always strongest when we operate in the

                    power of God (II Cor.12:9-10)

                C. Jesus alone can give peace in the midst of

                    tribulation (Jn.16:33)


III. Hysteria Can Pervert Thoughts and Actions

                A. Popular opinion may not endure—day to day,

                    popular opinion is in flux

                B. Majority opinion is unreliable

                                1. “The majority is always wrong; the

                                    minority is rarely right.”—Henrik Ibsen

                                2. We must avoid the “herd mentality”

                                    (Ex. - panic purchases)

                C. Live or Die: Christ should be glorified



IV. Our Beliefs Must Yield to Truth

                A. Our opinion of truth does not alter truth

                B. The Son of Man will overcome!

                C. The Gospel is the joyous answer for a dangerous

                    life (Mk.13:5-13)

                                1. Though doubted and despised by some,

                                    it’s God’s joyous answer for fallen


                                2. The most dangerous way to exist is to

                                    choose a life without Jesus


Conclusion—There are things more dangerous than exposure to COVID-19.  Sin has infected us all.  There is no remedy for sin except the Blood of Jesus.  Life is dangerous, but it is hopeless without a relationship with Jesus as Savior.  Make certain that you have full assurance that your sins are forgiven and your security is in Christ.

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