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Ezra—Restoring the Place and Purpose of Worship


Introduction—At the time that God raised Ezra to rebuild the Temple, Israel had been in captivity for 70 years.  We have not been carried captivity into a foreign land, but we have endured political and self-imposed restrictions that have kept many from worshipping with other believers.  Even though we have had the opportunity thus far to worship virtually, we must rise up and find a way to energize and reestablish our ministries.  The Book of Ezra has some great truths that should encourage us as we restore the place and purpose of worship.


I. God Is on Time with His Promises (Ezra 1:1-11)

                A. A Call to Rebuild (1-2)

                                1. God keeps His promises

                                                a. God made a promise through

                                                    Jeremiah that Israel would return

                                                b. The promises of God are

                                                    designed to assure us and

                                                    sanctify us (II Pet.1:3-4)

                                2. God can work through unlikely sources—

                                    God moved the heart of Cyrus, king of

                                    Persia, to fulfill His purpose

                                3. God validates His promises

                                                a. Cyrus recognizes that his

                                                    authority comes from God

                                                b. God raised up Cyrus to rebuild

                                                    the Temple in Jerusalem—God

                                                    often uses unlikely people to

                                                    accomplish His purpose


                B. A Call to Return (3-6)

                                1. God is with us!—it’s time for action


                                2. God is with us—it’s time to invest in the


                                                a. We need to be physically

                                                    invested and involved


                                                b. We need to be financially

                                                    invested and involved

                                                    (II Cor.9:6-7)

                                3. God is with us—His Spirit will be there to

                                    strengthen us!

                C. A Call to Restore (7-11)

                                1. Only God can restore things that seem to

                                    be lost

                                2. Only God can preserve things that seem

                                    polluted (Dan.5:1-5)

                                3. Only God can recompense in full to those

                                    who are obedient

                                                a. The captivity lasted 70 years

                                                b. In God’s time, He restored and

                                                    blessed (Is.61:3)—He can do the

                                                    same in your life and mine!

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