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The Significance of the Moment

Romans 13:11-14


Introduction—I continue to be amazed at how drastically things can change in a single moment.  The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and the terrorist attacks of 9/11 were unexpected moments that significantly changed many lives forever.  We all have moments of spiritual encounter that have the potential to change our lives (Ex—“Turn Back My Child” sung by Jerry Bernard).  Let’s seize the significance of the moments that come and use them for God’s purposes.


I. Our Time Should Be Understood (11)

                A. We should not live in ignorance to the times in

                    which we live (I Thess.5:2-6)

                                1. We are seeing prophecies fulfilled before

                                    our eyes

                                2. We have no excuse to be ignorant about

                                    the return of the Lord

                B. God often works in the smallest details of our life

                    (Ruth 2:1-3)

                C. Tomorrow is not guaranteed to us (Jas.4:13-15)

                                1. All we know we have is “now”!

                                2. “Carpe diem”= seize the day


II. Our Time Should Be Protected (12)

                A. Never make assumptions that are out of your

                    control (I Kings 22:30-34—Ahab in battle)

                B. It is folly to live focused purely upon ourselves


                C. We must use our moment in time for the purposes

                    of God (Est.4:13-16)


III. Our Time Should Be Redeemed (13-14)

                A. It’s time for us to influence lives for God


                                1. We may have a single moment of

                                    encounter with some lives

                                2. Are we a positive or negative influence

                                    for Jesus?

                B. It’s time to trust God regardless of the situations

                    we face (Illus.—Forrest Zander, missionary pilot)

                C. It’s time to awaken to the call of God upon our life


                                1. This is a time to be alert

                                2. This is not a time to be deceived

                                3. This is a time to be certain of our standing

                                    with God


Conclusion—I realize that I often fail to see the significance of the moment.  We need a holy awakening to sense the “holy moments” that God brings into our lives.  None of us know how much time we have left to serve God.  None of us know how much time we have left to commit our faith to Jesus.  Let’s see the significance of the moment and seize our moment!

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