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3/26/23                                                                               Rentz



Potential Pitfalls in Prosperity

Deuteronomy 8:6-20


Introduction—We are blessed to live in a land that has enjoyed many years of abundance.  I fear that we have grown so accustomed to our prosperity that we take it for granted.  Perhaps this is a contributing factor to the downward slide that we are experiencing spiritually.  Many have lost the urgency to seek and trust God.  May God help us to remember the source of our blessings!


I. Never Neglect Appropriate Praise (6-10)

                A. America is not Israel, but God maintains His

                    principles (Prov.14:34)

                                1. America was founded upon

                                    Judeo-Christian principles

                                2. We have enjoyed the abundant blessings

                                    of God

                B. Only a blessed nation will draw both legal and

                    illegal immigrants—to what country do Americans

                    seek to flee?

                C. We must not forget to bless the LORD



II. Never Forget the Author of Possessions (11-16)

                A. Don’t forget the LORD your God! (Prov.30:7-9)

                                1. We must never take the blessings of God

                                    for granted

                                2. We need to maintain a constant

                                    dependence upon the LORD


                B. We are blessed by “His” goodness—we must

                    never deceive ourselves into thinking we deserve

                    the goodness of God

                C. He never abandons His people in the time of trial

                    (Is.41:10, 13)


III. Never Focus upon an Attitude of Pride (17-20)

                A. Our ability comes from God

                                1. God has a purpose for us even from our

                                    conception (Ps.139:14-16)

                                2. We could never accomplish anything

                                    apart from the equipping of God

                B. Don’t let pride separate you from the love of God


                C. No other god can deliver!

                                1. Don’t trade temporary pleasure for eternal


                                2. There is only One Way to Heaven—



Conclusion—Most of us are addicted to our pleasures and our possessions.  Sadly, most of us are much more dependent upon the Lord when we are facing great trials and needs.  All of us enjoy prosperity, but don’t allow it to draw your heart away from the Lord Jesus.

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